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We are a small family business located in Bathurst that delivers an excellent service at a competitive rate.

We provide wet and dry hire of equipment well suited for earthmoving and landscaping especially where limited space or access is an important factor.

Our mini excavator and dumper (at 760mm and 720mm wide respectively) fit in most doorways making in-building excavation and clean up possible.

We can also carry out repairs to stormwater pipes, poly pipes and telephone lead ins if accidentally damaged.All maior plant is provided with a ticketed operator (38 years experience) and our business is insured.

EQUIPMENT – Specs and Hire Charges

Mini Excavator

Can access narrow passages as little as 760 mm wide and a height of just 1.70 m. Digging buckets available are 200 mm , 300 mm , 450 mm , 600 mm and a ripper tyne.

Wet hire only: $60 p/h

Tracked Dumper

Can transport up to 500 kg’s on inclines of 34 degree. At 720 mm wide provides good access and can also move wet concrete at approximately 1.2 cubic metres per hour from driveway to backyard on a average house block.

Wet hire only: $35 p/h

Kanga Loader

Loader is only 800 mm wide and comes with a 4 in 1 bucket, 450 mm post hole auger, 200 mm post hole auger and carry all /spreader bar.

Wet hire only: $60 p/h

Trench Rammer

Our 65kg trench rammer is available for dry hire or if required with operator and delivery to site if local.

Dry hire price: $20 p/h

Plate Compactor

Our 52kg plate compactor is available for dry hire or if required with operator and delivery to site if local.

Dry hire price: $20 p/h


We also have a variety of small chainsaws to help with over grown garden shrubs and trees.

Not available for dry hire.


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Ph. 0428 164 156
or 0422 178 102

Servicing Bathurst, Kelso, Eglinton, Raglan and surrounds. We can travel to other regional areas throughout the Central West if you require – feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help.


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